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Who We Are
Sparkatects, Inc. works with businesses to deliver Integrated Marketing programs that achieve results. Every company faces multiple marketing decisions throughout its growth— from initial brand strategy to product/service launches, public relations programs and direct marketing and customer retention efforts. Today, more than ever, companies must leverage their resources intelligently to manage costs while deepening customer relationships and building long-term value. Our flexible consulting services have assisted companies—from the Fortune 500 to start-up ventures—effectively reach customers with measurable marketing programs delivered on time and within budget.

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Our Track Record
Sparkatects brings over a decade of expertise designing and implementing effective marketing programs for a wide range of clients offering both consumer-focused and business-to-business products and services. We have established a national reputation with our prestigious list of clients for creating impact while staying focused on measurable, bottom-line results. We are known for our full-range flexibility to work with a firm’s marketing department on specific projects, or serve as a “virtual” marketing team that develops and manages comprehensive programs.

Our Philosophy
Sparkatects approaches projects with the belief that Integrated Marketing means coordinating and leveraging all channels to create a consistent, unifying marketing message. By reinforcing this message with customers, companies have a better chance of owning "mindshare,” and achieving the ultimate goal —“marketshare.” Sparkatects offers a range of Integrated Marketing services that include: Marketing Strategy and Management; Brand Development; Marketing Communications and Public Relations. Based on your needs, we can provide our services separately, integrating our work with your current marketing programs, or develop a comprehensive package of our services to meet your objectives.

How We Work
Whether consulting on small projects, or managing larger, longer-term programs, Sparkatects creates relationships that fit, not frustrate, our clients' strategic and budgetary needs. When projects call for it, we can quickly bring together proven professionals in a variety of business specialties who, under our marketing direction and management, can deliver highest-quality results at below-agency rates.

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